Festival wedding - Selina and Nick

- Festival wedding - Selina and Nick -

In early 2016, we were approached by the gorgeous Selina and Nick to help transform their stunning Suffolk wedding venue - the Marsh Farm estate - into an elegant, summer festival complete with its own hashtag; #Kindratfest. This wedding was all about the little details.

Selina and Nick’s wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast took place in a beautiful Grade II listed, thatched barn within the grounds of the estate. To make the barn more in keeping with the festival theme, we suspended huge, brightly-coloured, illuminated lanterns from the ceiling beams.  As day turned to night, the lanterns softly illuminated the dance floor, creating a completely magical feel for their guests. 

We all agreed that the grounds of the Marsh Farm Estate needed to play a big part in the day so we set up a quirky outdoor cinema for Selina and Nick’s evening camping guests. We erected an elegant cream-coloured stretch tent, a large screen, our stripy vintage deckchairs, soft woollen blankets, hot water bottles, champagne, fresh popcorn and of course Disney’s Aladdin and David Bowie’s Labyrinth! We also helped to extend the outdoor festival feel with outdoor seating, blankets and beautiful vintage wooden barrels used as side tables and decorated with wild flowers. 

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