Events - The Lion King at Whirlow Hall Farm

- The Lion King at Whirlow Hall Farm. -

In the farm yard, the mighty farm yard, the lion sleeps tonight...on Saturday 30th July 2016, we transformed the gorgeous lambing barn at Whirlow Hall Farm into a stunning cinema experience. Guests were seated on our signature vintage stripy deckchairs, as well as hay bales, to enjoy and sing-a-long to the 1994 Disney classic in a unique setting. 

We were joined by Sheffield's Spinning Discs with their retro vinyl jukebox. Sheffield's Nether Edge Pizza Company and Whirlow Hall Farm provided an array of tasty street food and Livvy's Ice Creams kept our guests watered with alcoholic slush puppies and quirky ice cream flavours. Funky Faces face painting transformed guests into characters from the film. We hope the piggies at Whirlow Hall Farm will have us back next year. 

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