Events - Foodie Cinema at The Sheffield Winter Garden

- Foodie Cinema at The Sheffield Winter Garden -

In early 2016, we were asked to contribute an event to Sheffield's famous Food Festival (which takes place every May in Sheffield).

We developed and introduced a new way to experience film by working with local chefs to create a tasting menu to accompany the film Chef and a tasting menu to accompany the film When Harry Met Sally. 

Over two nights (on Saturday 28th May 2016 and Sunday 29th May 2016) we transformed Sheffield’s stunning Winter Garden into a cinematic experience.


For Chef, audiences were treated to a Cubano, beef brisket slider and New Orleans-style beignets. For When Harry Met Sally, attendees tucked into a pastrami deli sandwich, grilled radicchio salad and pecan pie.

Sheffield’s Spinning Discs opened both events with their retro vinyl jukebox, where attendees could pick songs from their extensive vinyl record collection.

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