Events - Willerby Holiday Homes' Caravan Extravaganza

- Events - Willerby Holiday Homes' Caravan Extravaganza -

We help to conceive, produce and install exhibitions all over the UK for Willerby Holiday Homes.  The exhibitions are often full scale replicas of holiday sites and they enable Willerby’s clients to explore their amazing products in situ, across the country.

The Brief: In 2016, we were asked to help design and build Willerby’s exhibition for the Caravan Extravaganza in Cottingham, which took place in September 2016. Our brief was to create a theme that would celebrate Willerby’ 70th anniversary, whilst also launching Willerby’s Surf Pod, a new holiday home product from the Hive Collection. We concentrated on bringing together both elements to design a 1940s beach theme. As part of the brief, we also had to install a large marquee, as well as gazebos for Willerby’s exhibitors at the event. 

The Solution: We designed and installed a beach promenade which included rows of multi-coloured gazebos as well as vintage beach deckchairs. We also designed and installed a bespoke beach-themed peep board which covered the façade of the marquee and encouraged visitors to interact with the exhibition using the hashtag #CreatingDreams. We added giant stripy deckchairs and giant beach balls and provided surfer models to interact with guests and bring the spirit of the Surf Pod to life. 

We are excited to continue our partnership with Willerby Holiday Homes as we move on to design their Spring and Summer 2017 exhibitions.

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